how can you tell if your clutch dog has gone out on your outboard?

i was told that my prop was spun i got it rehubed before i got it fixed it would not even move the boat at full trotle now after i got the prop fixed it well push the boat just a little bit but not what i wanted i need it to go full trottle 1991 or 1989 mercury 40hp

no i didn't let it set inwould that be my problem

7 Answers

  • Clutch dogs don't fail all at once. You would have noticed the boat not going in gear as easy as before, and it gradually gets worse. You go through a period where it will jump out of gear momentarily. But the symptoms you describe are more consistent with a broken shaft, or spun splines. I think before you do anything else, that you have a good marine mechanic look at and even test drive your boat.

  • Clutch Dog

  • Prop spun no movement> If the clutch dog is bad won't stay in gear> If it's in gear and won't rev up than it's the engine>If you didn't change the pitch on the prop> On those small props some won't rehub> Might be spinning again> I'D just get a new 1> Did you break it in like run it slow for a while to seat it in>???

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  • If the clutch dog is worn you will sometimes hear a grinding when you put the boat in gear and the engine will jump as the dog slips. usually it wont do this in reverse. On some motors you can just flip the clutch dog and take it easy in reverse.

  • clutch dogs chatter like crazy when they go bad. like the sound of grinding gears

  • your engine will run faster if the clutch is not working right

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