How come after doing gardening work my hands are all shaky ?

I was using shears

7 Answers

  • It's because the muscles you used were tired from their work. This is even more true if they are muscles that you don't usually use much. For example, if you don't typically squeeze your hand in the same fashion as you do when you use pruning shears the muscles used were not expecting that type of exertion and probably tired out rather quickly. Needing to get finished, you kept going and, as a result, they became extremely tired. It is possible you also failed to drink enough water during the work and were slightly dehydrated. This will also lead to shaking.

    In the future I recommend adequate water consumption along with an easier pace and, if required, frequent breaks. These are the things I tell my workers when they are in extreme heat or cold because it works. Also, take some time to cool down before going inside to refresh yourself under the A/C. Another thing to watch for is muscle cramps. If you tend to cramp easily after such work try eating a banana before starting, another one (or two, depending) during the work and another after the work is complete. The potassium helps relieve muscle cramps.

    Just remember; plenty of water and frequent breaks. The work will still be there when you finish your break; no one is going to take it from you.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • No offense but your probably out of shape! You got to work out more! Strengthen your muscles and it won't hurt you so much.

    It also could be you over did it. I don't know how long you were working but usually people hire service to do it. There is more then one person working because it entitle alot of energy.

    I must say i give you credit for saving the money and doing it yourself. Next time though do it over a few days or maybe just do your grading with Rubber Mulch it kills the weeds and give the garden a nice look.

  • Shaking muscles is from lactic acid buildup because of the use of the muscles. Drink more water (not soda pop, drink actual water) to keep yourself hydrated and that will help in a number of different ways. Your blood will be of the right consistency (you're not "running thick" from sweating all the water out) and your muscles will work better and will not cramp up as badly.

  • overuse of muscles in your hands. That goes away after repeated use but be careful of injury. You may want to take an Advil prior. Good Luck

  • you are doing work that your hands are not used to, try exercising your hands to strengthen them.

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  • you are outta shape and not eating and drinking properly,,

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