How come no one ever talks to me unless I initiate it?

I decided to do a little "experiment". I didn't text anyone and wanted to see when someone would actually text me without me texting them first. It's been 2 weeks, no texts. Not even my best friends who I have been very close with for over 5 years. It may sound immature, but it really does bother me that no one wants to talk to me unless I talk to them first. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?

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  • This is pretty much my life sometimes. And sometimes not. I could go weeks without anyone texting me first, and yet sometimes I leave my phone off for a few hours and I come back to tons of texts!

    Maybe your friends are just busy? Or maybe they're waiting for you to text first?

    Sometimes it's annoying being the person to always initiate texts or calls or even getting together to hang out!

    If you notice this is trend with your friends (that YOU are always the one to contact them) than maybe it's time to move on, and find a new crowd.

  • well you should a "little bit" concerned..

    I've done that.. maybe your BFFs and friends were busy,

    or maybe they just didn't want to say hi or bother you.. I think that's messed up.. but people are different.. you can't be upset and judge people based on what you might think unless you're absolutely sure that what you've concluded was true..

    It is really normal hun for people not to say hi or text you.. they have their own lives goin on.. if they happen to really forget then just don't be bothered at all.. you don't really have to get a gratification from your friends to prove that they care about you.. they may miss you but just forgot to text you.. After all, they don't know that nobody has sent you even 1 message.. it was just your experiment../ a test..

  • That's pretty normal

    Maybe they have nothing to tell you, or maybe they've been busy

    But actually I don't found text is the most important part of my life. It shouldn't bother you that much. But if you really care a lot about it, maybe you should go out there talk to them, or make some new friends 🙂

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