How come there are slits on the top of school lockers?

14 Answers

  • To air them out.

  • some people put some really smelly stuff in their lockers, it needs a vent to air it out a bit.

  • Because moisture (sweat socks) with no air circulation leads to mold and mildew and that's a road we don't want to travel.

  • It's so that if someone gets shut inside a locker, they don't suffocate.

  • It allows for the venting of gases created by mini-meth labs.

  • So when you leave your gym socks or forget your bagged lunch for a week all of your stuff won't stink.

  • i guess to prevent moisture formation inside the locker so it wouldn't rust easily.

  • So your stank gym items won't create an immediate evacuation of the hallway. 🙂

  • so in case you left lunch bag in it for a week it gives off oder to clean out-Ventalation

  • You know how you keep dirty filthy things in them & old lunches. Yeah, thats so it can air out.

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