How could I simplify 512 ^1/3?

3 Answers

  • Anything to the power of 1/3 means that you cube root it.

    So in this case it would be the cube root of 512 = 8.

  • 512^1/3 is the same as finding the cube root of 512 or, in other words, what number when multiplied by itself 3 times will result in 512.

    First thing you can do is to find all the factors of 512 that are prime numbers. (keep dividing 512 by 2 until all you have are numbers that cant be divided any more.) make sure to write down the things that you divided it by. after you have divided it until you only have prime numbers, group by 3's the numbers that are the same and treat them as one whole number. for example a group of 2, 2, 2, will be treated as only a 2. multiply the groups together and you will have a simplified version of 512^1/3

    I got 512^1/3 = 8

  • raising 512^1/3 is the same thing as taking the cube root of 512. So the cube root of 512 is 8.

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