How do I become valedictorian for high school?

I'm starting high school in the fall and I want to become valedictorian. I'm going to have 3 honors classes next year and 6 classes total. I maintained a 4.12 gpa in middle school pretty easily. I'm going to take all the AP classes. I already have 3 credits done and our high school requires 28 to graduate. I plan on taking all the hard classes and nothing fun. I also plan on joining student council, track, and soccer. What else would I have to do?

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  • Hello there! First I would like to start off by congratulating you on your high gpa last year, very well done I must say. Now on to your question, it's good that you want to become valedictorian but you can't take so much on at once. In high school you have to balance yourself, it is okay to take a few honors classes and a good number of AP classes but you can't take every AP class offered it's too much, besides becoming valedictorian is usually based on your weighted gpa anyway. Also you can take some fun and convivial classes, it will not harm you and colleges like to see people with a variety of classes (electives), it makes you seem well rounded.

    In high school you will see many smart and intelligent people, some on your level and some above your level. You just have to remain focused and keep your goal in mind. You may not become valedictorian but try your best in school. Being valedictorian does not really determine how smart you are, there are many smart and sucessful people who were not valedictorian, so don't make this such a big deal. Enjoy your high school experience because once you graduate you can not go back. Just some general tips that I have are to, take good notes, study and review for at least one hour a day, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, eat a good healthy breaskfest, drink water throughout the day (helps you focus), and eat good brain power foods (it really helps). Overall you seem like a good student and I wish you well. Hope this helps and have a good day!

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  • This might sound a little mean, but honestly you're going to have to maintain a higher GPA than anyone else. Thats it. Student council, track, soccer, etc will look okay for college and whatever you want to do to show involvement in your school or whatever, but valedictorian is a person who just gets the highest GPA. Personally, I think you shouldn't worry about what you want to be as you graduate high school. You should probably focus on the changes that are going to happen in your life and embrace your development into the real world.

    Source(s): High School Valedictorian and Current Alumnus of Rutgers
  • Some high schools give it to the person with the highest weighted GPA, or persons (some schools award the title valedictorian to as many as 10% of the graduating class). And at some high schools, it's a popularity contest.

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    You don't actually have to be smart to be a valedictorian. You just have to do lots and lots and lots of work. And any/all extra credit your teachers offer. And get into Honors/AP courses. And yes, kiss a lot of teacher ***. And then maybe, just maybe, you'll get recognized. But only just a little bit.

  • Sell your soul to the devil. Dear lighten up. You need to have fun. This is coming from a kid who has a 4.5 right now. Just chill.

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