how do i clean a bandana?

i just started to wear bandana and should i dry it in the washer machine, just wash it and let it dry by leaving it flat on a flat surface or do both of them

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  • I always thrown our bandanna's in the washer between wearings and they come out looking very nice. They may loose a little bit of their color but if washed with the same color of clothing they should stay in good shape and color without any worry. After you wash them you can throw them in the dryer although if you are worried about them shrinking just let them air dry. A light ironing will get them looking new and new again. Just like anything else you may throw the bandanna in a sink with a light detergent solution and wash them the old fashion way.

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  • How To Wash Bandanas

  • My friend washes hers in the washer and then lays it out on a flat surface to let it dry!

  • I always just throw them in the washer with like colors and dry them like I dry everything else in the dryer.

  • you can wash them in the washer machine. or hand wash it. it dont matter because a bandana is like a shirt.

  • wash it by hand and then let it dry on a flat surface

  • Wear it for fourteen or fifteen straight days working the pit in a million dollar a year quick-Ӏմҍҽ place and then saturate it with Shout (Shout It Out) and wash & dry it with the load.

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  • Wash and dry just like anything else, that's what I do.

  • throw it in the wash then lay it out to dry then iron it in the form you like

  • I throw them in with the regular laundry and then just put it in the dryer with everything else. I dry everything on low. 🙂

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