How do I contact Walmart Head quarters to registar a complaint?

aphone number or email adress

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  • Info in included at bottom but I wanted you to know that

    I actually wrote an article about how to file a successful complaint with Walmart. Ill include that link too. Walmart sent me a 50 buck gift card to smooth over my issue when I followed these guidelines listed in the article. Hope this helps you out and good luck with your complaint and getting it resolved.

    Tips and Suggestions for Filing a Successful Complaint with Walmart…

    Contact info for Walmart:

    To reach the Contact Center of Wal-Mart Stores, call 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278), from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT) Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT) Saturday or from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (CT) Sunday.

    or the mailing address is…

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Attn: Customer Service

    702 S.W. 8th Street

    Bentonville, AR 72716

    Or email your complaint as I did. Use this link,…

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  • Get a No Cost Phone Number Scan at

    Its a good way to start. The place lets you to do a no cost phone scan simply to find out if any telephone data is there. This basic alalysis is done without cost. For a full detailed report its a modest payment.

    Here’s Reverse / Whose Number Lookup page. If you’re talking about cell phones, you usually have to pay for that. I’ve had pretty good luck just using Google a phone number to find out who’s calling. If you are researching a quantity of numbers, though, I suppose, you might want a service. I can’t imagine why the average person would need to research a quantity of numbers, though, so I assume this is business-related, and it then seems only fair that you pay for a service. But maybe it’s not.

  • Sept. 22, 2015—–Gallatin, tennessee Store

    I rarely shop Walmart—I go there maybe once a month, so it Takes me a long time to find what I need—-I had about $200 worth of items in my basket, and it had taken me over an hour to find everything (never ask a clerk where something is —they guess where they think it is at and usually send you in the wrong direction)—-so it is time to check out—I go to the self check out—-all 4 are closed—-so I go to the other side of the store to the other side of the store all those check out lanes are closed—-OK I will go to a manned check out lane

    Guess what there are only 4 lanes open (no express lanes are open) l and the shortest line has 14 people in the other 3 had up to 20 people—yet there were all kinds of clerks supposedly stocking shelves—(if talking to each other and chatting on a cell phone is called working)

    I asked a clerk what is wrong—her answer was ” oww it has been like this all morning, the self service lanes have been down”

    Duhh to me the answer is simple open more check out lanes, even if you have to call someone else in—-needless to say I walked out and left everything in my cart

    As I was walking out of the store I noticed a lot of full carts apparently abanded as water was dripping from the frozen food items

  • Ok I feel this RANT I have is logical. I have never been a fan of Walmart and what it stands for but this is really going over the level of INHUMANE! The Walmart in Greenwood does NOT have air conditioner in the store, and it s like a sauna in there. I had to go to the washroom facilities, and I was surprised to see one of the employees in there throwing up and her face was very red. I became very concerned and asked if she was ok! She looked at me and started crying. I said I didn t mean to pry and she said no no, it s ok. I get sick everyday in here due to the heat in this building. She went on to tell me they haven t had any air conditioner in there in three years and every summer is the same thing.” She went on to tell me that a lot of the workers are throwing up from the heat and some are fainting and other s just put up with it because they need the money. I am sorry but this is INHUMANE to make Canadians work in this condition!!!! I asked FOUR separate ladies who work there, about the air conditioning and all four said the same thing. They are fed up but need the work. One lady told me there has been a dispute between Walmart and the Building owner Darrell Wade, about who should be fixing the air conditioner. I think this is something that should be made public. This is horrible. How can you people live with yourselves with these people suffering in a sauna of a place. I hope your going to do something about this! UNREAL!!!

  • What happened with my debit card on December 21, 2015, at the Walmart branch on Aero Drive in San Diego.

    The story is as follows…I made a purchase and left my Debit card in the machine or dropped it. Two days later I checked my bank statement and saw that a second purchased had been made 76.00+ When realizing this, I contacted my bank and they said there had been a purchase made with my Debit card, at second location in the store (Self check out-#21) When I called the Customer Service Manager Department, I was told that they were made aware of this transaction and that they had possession of my card. No info on who made the purchase. Customer Service instructed me to come in during the normal business hours with my California ID and my receipt so, they could see which purchase was valid and make out a report accordingly and they would correct the fraudulent charges. This seemed satisfactory to me. So, I did just that.

    HOWEVER, upon arriving at the store I was treated very rudely and unprofessional. I was told that I should have made an appointment, to come and pick up my card and was told adamantly that there was nothing they could do about the fraudulent transaction. Bring your attention to an issue. OBVIOUSLY they were aware of the fraudulent charge and they obtained my card upon during or immediately after the purchase. WHY is WALMART not RESPONSIBLE for allowing someone to use my card without requesting IDENTIFICATION? But…me, having every legal right to the card, was mishandled and treated suspiciously.

    I will wait to receive a reasonably professional response from Walmart. I will however, expose this fraud (rattle some cages if you will) if I do not hear from Walmart in timely fashion ( quickly). There is something VERY DISHONEST going on within the MANAGEMENT OF WALMART.

    THEFT,, Who is responsible when the so called security system setup in Walmart to protect the consumer from fraudulent purchases, end up with the Management and Security failing to do their job by allowing purchases with stolen cards without proper ID checks and required pin # Is it that the purchases are made by Walmart Employees

  • As a life time customers I expect good service for my money. However at your Covington Pike store in Memphis Tennessee faces impossible odds of being understaffed. My problem began with a call to tire department for two front tires for my Ford F -150. I was informed that they were available. Upon arriving to the automotive/tire department. The young man that assisted me was waiting on another customer & waiting on a manager approval. There was only two managers on duty for the entire store. As well as two tire employees doing the work of four. I was in the department for more than 1 1/2 hours waiting on some/any assistance. The two employees were clearly over extended & under trained. I feel that it was no fault of theirs. I made a decision an called COSTCO ,no wait ,good service, tires would be in next day and cheaper! If Wal-Mart wants to keep my family and friends as customers, add more mangers and for sure more tire technicians. Is this what the world of Wal-Mart is coming to? I certainly hope this is not common practice for all Wal-Mart stores. Dollar General Stores & Family Dollar stores in neighborhoods can easily take your business. I’m aware that neither of them sale tires, but there are so many other things to buy that you carry as well. My money may be little but its adds up when disgruntle money goes somewhere else.

  • I went to Walmart customer service desk today to make a payment on my walmart credit card. The young lady that is the customer service manager took my check and statement for the payment. she had no public relations attitude at all. was not friendly, did not smile , but preceded to tell me that if I wanted my payment to show that is was paid tomorrow, I would have to pay $1.50 or three days from today $1.00 I said, I have never had to pay any fee for making a payment, even when I have used my debit card. she said, It is a new policy. I still could not figure out why this was happening. finally she called the Manager to the desk, here I am waiting for at least 15 minutes and other customers are waiting also for service… Finally the manager shows up and I said I don t understand what is going on, I have never paid a fee before. He said, new policy.. I watched him and the customer service manager, young lady, mess with the computer. finally my payment went through. another walmart associate showed up and I ask her about the new policy, she said no such thing. the customer service manager gave me my check and receipt. I said did I get charged the $1.00 ? manager says no, we fixed it. I left and went to a check out station and told the checker I want to make a complaint. He called the manager, same guy from customer service. I said I want to know why you were trying to charge me the $1.00 fee. He said again, new policy. I said no it is not a new policy. I said it is not the $1.00 , it is the principle of the thing… he said , well we fixed it. I said o.k. they finally figured it out.. I don t think I want to go back there.

  • I work at North Walmart in Bismarck, N.D. I have gone to management about resolving my problem but nothing is ever done. Is it because of poor management? One person is expected to do 3-4 peoples jobs with no help while other employees stand around doing nothing or team up to work on basically nothing. Also management can see the problem area and still does nothing other than stand around talking to their favorites or other management! A CSS name Manhal should not be in his position because he lacks any knowledge of the operations of the store. St Pierre should no longer be working at this store. He doesn t listen to management and has been warned, but is still there doing as he pleases. Also employee requests are never acknowledged by management. I can see how Walmart has such a huge turn over when this is continually going on!

  • i m a loyal Walmart shopper and i have been shopping at Walmart for over 30 years and i think you should bring layaway back permanently, not just for the Christmas holiday because i don t always have the money to buy what i want all the time. I don t think it s right for Walmart to take layaway a way cause a few people don t come back to pick up their items because Walmart makes to much money to worry about losing a few dollars. The items that people don t come back to pick up just simply keep the down payment and resale the items even if you have to clearance it out so stop being so cheap because you make to much money and you are also number one in retail in the world.

  • My checking account was hacked on 5/13/16. The Debit amount was for $366.95 the bank shows it was #1780 in Klye Tx. I had to close my checking account out. I called the store and they said it was not there store. Could not get a live person on the phone. This makes me sick I work hard for my money and for someone to do this to me. I’ve filed a police report hopefully something will come out of this maybe not, but Walmart if you are reading this you suck..

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