how do i find a persons telephone number in Cebu the Philippines?

Last name Garcia Address Cardinal Rosales Ave Cebu City Philippines

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  • the white pages of a telephone directory and the directory assistance of pldt.

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  • The best way to look for a persons address is to look for his complete name in the telephone directory of PLDT, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company,Cebu City or Globelines, Cebu City.. In your case, Garcia requires a first name because, the family Garcia is very common and lots of people use that family name.

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    Sorry There are several telephone companies here and none of them share phone numbers. Also unless it is Manila each Island is likely to (NOT) have the number of someone on another Island even if it is the same company. You really need to know the Phone Company and the City they live in (IF) you are going to use the local phone directory. Do you know if they are Missionaries? If so and you know which group they are with I (might) be able to locate them. I am an American Missionary living in Bogo, Cebu "I AM ON THE ISLAND OF CEBU AND IT IS 2 AM TUESDAY MORNING RIGHT NOW. I WILL CALL MANILA INFORMATION AND SEE IF I CAN FIND ANYTHING FOR YOU. MAYBE IF I CAN GET A SUPERVISOR ON THE LINE THEY WILL BE MORE HELPFUL. ALSO IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY THAT I MIGHT COULD TRY TO LOCATE THEM? ANY FRIENDS OR IS HE A VETERAN? I ALSO MIGHT BE ABLE TO CONTACT THE U.S. EMBASSY AND LEAVE A MESSAGE, IF WE LIVE HERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO REGISTER WITH THEM. IF I CAN DO THAT I MIGHT NEED A NUMBER TO GIVE TO THEM OR THE NAME OF THE PERSON AND RELATIONSHIP FOR THEM TO CALL. IF I CAN DO ANYTHING I WILL LET YOU KNOW." GOD BLESS....Rev. Roy Ross

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  • Finding a person is like getting through a needle's hole.;it's very difficult.All you have to do is to call the telephone company;PLDT to find for that certain person.You have to give them the complete name and address because there are lots of Garcia family in Cebu.

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  • Shiella Suroysuroy

  • FAMILY NAME : Ruerto

    CHRISTIAN NAME : Julietta

    Unfortunately passed away, a few years ago.

    Looking for her 2 daughters in Cebu .

  • E-Mail them and ask, I got my wife's number 19 years ago thru the information, and person to person call.. That way did not have to pay for the assistance if they were not there. At that time it was a buck a min to talk to her. If she or he is on cell phone, good luck.

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