How do I keep my navnet fusker program from crashing? I have windows xp.?

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  • you got it all wrong. windows is prob. the worst operating system ever... its probably because your comp. is a piece.. and you get many viruses

  • I think the most likely things that it could be are as follows: 1) Bad copy of XP. I would leave getting a fresh copy for a later step, given the cost. 2) Bad power supply. When power supplies start to weaken, the capacitors can't deal with the power demands on your system, overheats and shuts down. I would either get a technician to check this as a possibility, or get a power supply tester ($10-$20 at a computer supply store). 3) Hard drive is failing. If you have damaged sectors on your hard drive, it could cause your computer to shut down. Just replace it with a new drive. 4) Could be that your RAM is bad. If you have more than one stick of RAM in your computer try removing them one at a time and then replacing them one at a time, rebooting between each RAM stick you remove(until none are left to remove). And reboot between each stick you replace. (Make sure you ground yourself properly, with the computer unplugged, and touch the metal case away from the motherboard). If that is the problem, your computer will stop behaving badly once the bad stick is out. If this sounds a bit beyond what you feel you can do, you can take it in to a service center and have the problem fixed. Hope this was helpful.

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