How do I learn to dance in one day. My wedding is tomorrow…?

My wedding is tomorrow and my fiance' is wanting to have music and dancing. She is an excellent dancer, I, on the other hand am not. She knows I'm not much of a dancer, but have often made a complete fool of myself just because I know she loves to dance, and I want to accomodate her desire to dance, I am not uncoordinated or goofy, I just don't know what I'm supposed to do while dancing.... Ladies Help........ Thanks.

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  • Good luck. Maybe you could ask her to teach you a few basic steps today? A basic waltz / boxstep will go a long way.

  • Here is the explanation...

    In the movie, Hitch, Will Smith teaches his student how to dance, keeping the fingers 6 inches from the hips and they just step from side to side, and your head kinda sits still-you will look really cool doing this.

    I loved the other guys dancing though, and to tell you the truth, like his style better than Will´s, although Will is hot too!

    Best wishes to you and your bride to be-I hope you are as happy as I am with my husband. We LOVE being married.

  • The key to dancing is to remember two things:

    1) Stay relaxed. It will keep your body loose.

    2) Exude confidence. If you look nervous and like you don't know what you're doing, it will look awkward. And vice versa.

  • I taught my husband to dance about 20 mins before our first dance at our wedding.

  • Simple - go to any dance studio for a private lesson and bring some money : ) Tell them you need a crash course!

  • You should've thought about that 2-4months ago. Sorry, but there's no way a person who has no prior dance experience can learn to dance in one day. Of course, if she just wants to slow dance, all you have to do is hold her and rock back and forth. But if you're talking about ballroom dancing, you're just SOL. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but that's just how it is.

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    Try the waltz. and omg the stanky leg....why on Earth was that ever invented

  • just be yourself and have fun. your wife will love you no matter how you dance. Congrats!

  • Just try to stay on beat.

  • Well, there isn't much you can do in one day. Just relax, enjoy yourself and let her lead!

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