how do i login to burger kings guru?

Im on my second day at working at Burger King, and im tired of just sitting in an uncomfortable chair watching the videos, then going home.. i want to finish some of these tutorials here at home. what is a sample login name? cause i know my store number but forgot how to login in.

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  • There is no way this is a true question.

  • Burger King

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    McDonalds all the way, partly because I have bad memories from working at BK but mainly because McDonalds has much better fries and burgers.

  • its a real question because im wondering the same thing. whats the website to do the training at home?

  • As stated above

  • if you guys are still having trouble with it at home goggle bkgurulogin click on it then it will bring you to a screen and click on

  • did you ever find out? I am having the same problem and need log on.

  • s nickelson@20800 whopper

  • bk

  • jeff

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