How do i make 65 dollars and fast?

So I am going to buy my friends Xbox 360 for $130 and I have $65 so how do I make a quick $65 dollars... Thanks

No online scams or stupid things

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  • ever thought about selling golf

  • How To Make 65 Dollars Fast

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  • Just type "how to make money fast" in the Search Y1 Answers box above and you'll get hundreds of answers.

    Make Money Without Investment

    • Mow lawns and trim trees and weed flower beds.

    • Collect cans and bottles

    • Run errands, be a driver.

    • Handyman repairs

    • Paint homes and fences inside and out.

    • House sit when we're out of town

    • Walk the dogs for other people.

    • Help cater an event

    • "Rent" out table linens, crystal, china and silver service.

    • Sell things on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist that you or others have just sitting around, or visit a pawnshop.

    • Start your own blog.

    • Write informative articles for magazines or online. Use the search engines to find "online writing jobs."

    • Donate plasma, similar to donating blood. You can visit twice per week and make $20-$30 each visit.

    • If you have chickens, sell the eggs

    • Grow citrus and avocado and sell those at a roadside table or market.

    • Sell your old clothes on Craigslist; make sure to include pictures.

  • Sell some stuff, either on Ebay, craigslist etc. Everyone has a little junk they could afford to get rid of.

    You could also try going "old school" and hit your neighbors up for a job. A couple months ago, a 14 year old kid came knocking at my door and explained to me that he wanted to make some money to pay for some martial arts camp and was willing to do some work. I showed him my yard, gave him the tools and he spent about 4 hours cleaning it up. I thought kids his age didn't know the value of a dollar anymore, but he impressed me. I gave him $100 just out of principle. I would have normally paid $30-$40 for a professional landscaper to do that same work. Anyway, not saying you have to sweat your tail off and that everyone will give you a C-note for work, but try offering your skills and give them your honest story about why you need the money and let economics happen!

  • Dude, go get a serving job at a restaurant. That's what I do, get hired the day you start you make money. Brown nose be a little sycophant then leave or stay and make some easy good money.

  • Offer to help someone with anything they need done, sell something to a friend that you don't need. collect change and turn it into bills.

  • Take Surveys Earn Money -

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