How do I make my car backfire safely?

How do I make my car backfire safely with a loud bang. I don’t want the VRUMRUMRUMMMMMMM kind of backfire they use at rallys, I mean the “Uncle Bucks car” kind in which the fuel is mistimed and misfired into the ignition system. I don’t know much about cars though.

My dad’s car is 2008 Audi A4 B7 2.0L I4

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  • an explosion in an exhaust system is never safe for other components. muffs and cats. and o2 sensors get dirty/lazy, and will prompt a trouble code.

    race cars don’t use either of those(muffs/cats). and it happens with them because of the amount of fuel they burn. when decelerating some of that unburnt fuel gets into a hot header. re-ignites. but they don’t have muffs and cat to blow out. your dad’s car does. and they are fairly pricey to replace.

    not all that familiar with audi transmissions, but,

    the trans in this, if an automatic, is electrically controlled. it’s possible, if you cut the ignition at speed, then turn it back on to ignite any fuel that leaks into the exhaust, the trans being in gear may develop issues. depending on the speed of the vehicle and condition of trans.

    plus at speed, if you can’t restart it, you won’t have power steering and will have rock hard brakes. could kill yourself or someone else.

    don’t do this!

  • You will not be able to make your dad’s 2008 car backfire without causing it serious problems. It is fuel injected so the amount of fuel is electronically controlled. You would need a car with a carburetor to do it.

  • A gasoline injection system can spray a tiny amount of gasoline in the exhaust stream past the catalytic converter to create a boom. But any home-made attempt can blow up the exhaust system, muffler in particular, and be dangerous.

    Good Luck!

  • Is it a stick? Turn the key off for 1 second while it is in gear. Turn it on and “Bang” I have never tried this with an automatic though.

  • I was wondering much the same question

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