how do i make words bold on tumblr?

and in italics? you know, all that jazz.

6 Answers

  • theres a lot of coverege that needs to be said because i dont use tumblr.

    but if HTML is enabled, it is simply done by this


    <i>Your text goes in here!</i>

    and for bold

    <b>Your text goes in here bic boi!</b>

    if VBScript is enabled, its

    italic: [i]Text in here :D[/i]

    and bold: [b]Text here![/b]

    if not, is there some kind of toolbar when your about to type in something?

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  • 1

  • Music. Monday

  • <b>bold words</b><i>italic words</i>

  • <i>I am hungry</i^

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