How do I open the Bell Radian Bike Light battery compartment?

I don't know how to replace the battery on my bike light. This is the exact one I have:

9 Answers

  • Take out the rubber stopper from thee back of the lights. Then hold down the button that has the battery and the three arrows on it while pulling out the light part of the bike lights.

  • Bell Bike Light

  • Bell Bicycle Lights

  • Don't use knife or screwdriver. Just press the top released button and pull the front light case out. ( not the power button)

  • THANK so much. Now if I can just get some batteries that work, I ll be all set. HAHAHA! Have a great day, C

  • Followed first answer, used a small knife to help pry front of case, came right out.

  • As did I! Thank you! Mary

  • Thank you (miki-mouse) - I had the same problem. Appreciated! RJ

  • Thanks!

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