How do I override the automatic shutdown in a 2000 Freightliner Century Class?

I have a Freightliner Century Class equiped with a Detroit Diesel 430. The dang thing automatically shuts down after maybe 5-10 mintues, there is a switch above the ignition that says on it "shdn ovrd". I assume this is a way to do it, but pressing it only flashes the engine protect lights 2, then 5 times, followed by the check engine light.. im lost. Anyone know this answer?

I clicked the cruise on and bumped the idle to 900.. so far so good, will post later if the thing idles longer than 15 minutes... lol

To the others that answered.. im not overriding the idle shutdown bacause of worn sensors, etc... i want to idle to charge the batteries, have the air on, etc...

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  • the flashing of the eng light is flashine the code "25" which means there is no active codes in the computer. what you need to do is idle the engine to about 900 rpm. you do this by turning the cruise on and hit the accel button.

  • 2000 Freightliner

  • The flashing is a diagnostic code that may be telling you what the problem is, It may not be such a great Idea to overide the shut-down. But if you feel that the problem is not that severe you can try removing the relay third from the fire wall second from the tir, infact it should say emergency shutdown on it. If that doesnt work try removing the fuse that goes to your door light and the one that makes the buzzing sound when you open the door with the keys in the ignition.

    Source(s): Shade tree mechanic. 🙂
  • You didn't specify which engine you have, but it's irrelevant. That feature is controlled by the trucks computer. The next time you are at a Freightliner authorized shop, ask them to re-program the computer to shut off that feature. (At the company I retired from all the trucks were programed to idle for 5 minutes, but mine slipped past the maintenance people, and it would idle for 59 minutes). If you are driving a company owned truck they won't do this without the company's permission.

  • If very possible the low coolant sensor is worn out and causing the problem, if the coolant level is normal. If you are having a problem with the coolant level check hose's for leaks or you may have a blown head gasket. My head gasket blew around 300,000 miles.

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