How do I prevent wlnotify.exe from starting at log on in Windows XP Home Edition?

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  • Im not entirely sure. Try navigating through your C drive and find your startup folder. Anything in this folder starts up when your computer starts. And if its not in there there must be a configuration file in the same directory as the program that makes it start up when your computer starts.

  • Try starting your computer in Safe Mode--Safe Mode starts only the resources necessary to run Windows. Automatic start-up programs do not launch; Network and Internet connections are left off; Except for the keyboard and mouse, peripheral devices are ignored. This will display a list of programs that start when your computer boots up.

    To get into Safe Mode, shut down your computer. Wait 10-15 seconds. Boot up again, tapping the F8 key during boot up. This will cause the boot up process to stop, displaying a menu of start-up options. (If you don’t get the menu, reboot and try again.) Highlight Safe Mode and press the Enter key. The menu in Safe Mode will look odd because only a minimum of drivers and other programs are started with Windows.

    From here you should see the program you wish to keep from starting at boot up.

    A cautionary note: Many of the programs listed are not obvious from the name--be VERY careful which programs you change.

  • all those are wrong. do a searchon your hard drive for a program called


    run it and go under start-up and uncheck the program.

    and your welcome.


  • in start menu, go to "Run..."

    type in "msconfig.exe"

    go to the startup tab

    clear the checkbox where it says "wlnotify.exe"

    click ok

    that should work.

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