How do I raise Leopard Gecko eggs without an incubator?

Bury them or what?

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  • Well if the Mama lays her eggs in her lay box in her cage, cover the whole and keep it in the side of the cage with the appropiate temerpature that the eggs should be incubated in. Make sure the geckos can't get inside. If you didn't have a lay box in there when she layed her eggs, put a dixie cup over them and them make sure the adults can't get in there AT ALL. They can't ever move it or knock it over, the eggs need to remain on the side they were layed on or the babies will drown in their own egg, never roll an egg over and keep it. So too keep them from touching the dixie cup put a rock over the cup or tape it down. But using both these methods make sure the humidity is kept right and allow oxygen to flow in every week, so lift the lid and blow in then replace the lid. Use a thermometer to check the temps everyweek exactly where the lay box is, or the cup. It's risky to do these methods for a few reasons.

    1- the adults could mess with the eggs (eat, crush, etc.)

    2- the temps and humidity are different than the geckos cage

    3- when the babies hatch, the adults might attack

    Hope this helps and if you plan on more babies, buy an incubator, saves hassle and more safe for the babies. Good luck!

  • Never breed geckos,but the process for hatching eggs is basically the same.

    You do not want to turn or flip the eggs as this can kill the embryos. Many use a felt tip marker to mark the top . Get a small plastic tub or food container.Put a few holes in the lid or side for air flow. You want to get some plain vermiculite or perlite ( no added chemicals or plant food). You want it to be just damp enough to clump together. You will put a layer down to set the eggs in. Then put a small indent for the eggs. Then fill in around the eggs without fully burying them.

    There are several ways to make cheap incubators. I have one made from an old cooler. I made with a 34 qt tub, digital thermostat, heat pad. Set the thermostat and plugged in the heat pad. Placed the heat pad inside the tub, taped the thermostat probe in the middle. Took the set up tupper ware container with the eggs inside on the heat pad, put the lid on the 34 qt tub.

  • You can buy a reptile HovaBator Incubator for only $45. These are easy to use and do the job.

    I personally don't breed leopard geckos, so I have no experience on how to make the eggs hatch with no incubator.

    Good luck!

  • U can buy a plastic shoe box bin and screw a hole on each end, then make a mix of 250grams vermiculite (can buy at lowes) and 250grams water n it should come out perfect if u do this. That will b ur egg substrate, then place them on it but rememer not to turn them or u will drown them. N then put the lid back on n u can use a heat pad or a lamp to warm them, I forgot the exact temps for Leo eggs but just google it n use a thermometer to make sure u keep that temp

  • There's no means the eggs will live to tell the tale. If they're laid and not put into an incubator right away, they're going to die. Please get an incubator when you plan on breeding them. Additionally do more studying about them. For those who plan no breeding, you must have known this earlier than even asking this question.

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