How do I shorten a Tumblr link like this one?

Everyone posts links that are in this format:

When the link actually is this:

How do I shorten it to the format of the first one? Is there a formula, or something of that sort?

4 Answers

  • If you want to use Tumblr's url shortener, you must have a twitter account, because those links are created only when you want your tumblr posts to be published on twitter automatically.

    Of course, there are other url shorteners, but this one identifies as coming from Tumblr.

    The link below explains how to do it.

  • Tumblr Url Shortener

  • When you're making a text post, there will be a button in the text box that lets you do this. It's the second from the right, next to the icon that says 'HTML'. It looks like the ends of two sheets of paper, with a dotted line in the middle. Click in your text where you want the article to cut off, and then click the icon. The 'read more' line should show up, and when you publish the post, there will be a link to the rest of the article at the bottom.

  • there are lots of website provide and make your url short for eg : -, ,

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