How do I terminate my JCPenney Perfect Home Select Membership?

I signed up accidentally and now I want to end it. How?

4 Answers

  • Look for an 800 number on your membership paperwork and call that number and tell them you want to cancel. If you can't find an 800 number, go to the JC Penney website and look for a "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the website. There will probably be some general customer service 800 number to call. Once you get someone on the phone, tell them exactly what you typed above. If they can't help you there, they should be able to look up the phone number or transfer you to the correct person.

  • Perfect Home Select

  • Called 800 number last month to cancel and find out why I was being charged $9.95 per month. I was advised that they would re-imburse the account. Called JC Penneys and Capital One customer service, they advised me that they can not do anything about the charges. Called the 800 number again and their computers were down. This month statement once again has the charge of $9.95.

    I keep reading that there is a membership package that is sent to you once you have enrolled. I have never received any documents. When I called, the operator could not locate my account in the computer until after an extensive search.

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