how do i transfer money from hdfc a/c to icici a/c?

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  • If you are talking about transferring money online, then you must have the Internet banking facility on HDFC Bank Account.

    If you have that, then

    [1] Goto

    [2] In the Blue color Horizontal menu on the top, goto “Payment Services”

    [3] Then goto “e-Monies National Electronic Funds Transfer” – Third option from the bottom

    [4] Then click “know more” – you can find the details

    [5] Then click “Transfer money now”

    [6] Fill in the details in the next screen and follow the instructions

    All the best.

  • 1. If you have HDFC’s Netbanking Username& Password, You can login to and Use Payment Services, NEFT ( National Electronics Funds Transfer). This usually takes 2 to 3 working days.

    2. Use Visa Money Transfer if you have both HDFC & ICICI Debit cards with VISA Symbol.

    3. Write a HDFC Account Cheque Payable to Your Name and deposit the cheque in ICICI Bank Account. this will take 2 working days.

  • Go to

    Select Net Banking and Login your account.

    (Online User ID and Password Required)

    Transfer money to ICICI A/c Number.

  • best to write a cheque and deposit it into icici ac.! if you want the transfer on regular basis, periodically, you could give standing instructions to hdfc bank, and money will be transferred accordingly!

  • use other option if given. otherwise contact Icici bank

  • Through RTGS Servece

  • by cheqe.

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