How do I turn off the monitor sleep mode on Linux Puppy?

I never had this version of windows before, it is new to me. Cant find anything. the monitor keeps turning off when i walk away from the computer. I know how to fix that with Windows, but this had Linux Puppy, not Windows.

2 Answers

  • Hi

    (click) Menu

    (click) Desktop

    (click) pupX: set properties of X

    the third tab will be

    (click ) Screensaver

    (clear the check box that displays) Enable screensaver


    Type in console for 1 session only or make a script put on desktop and click.

    xset s off


    you could put this line in /root/.xinitrc, before exec $CURRENTWM, to disable the screensaver

    xset s off

  • Thank you so much. i have been trying to figure that out for a month. even the kid that built this thing for me didn't know.

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