how do I write an email referencing how I got their contact information for an internship?


Over the summer, I was working in a giftshop in Alaska. A customer came and I started talking to him and a his wife. He asked about my schooling and after I said i was an architecture student in NY he asked about internships. I said it was difficult because of my schedule and after talking with his wife they gave me the contact information of a firm in NY.

How do I write an email to the firm?

What I have so far is:

Hello (name, which turns out to be the name of the firm):

My name is (first and last name). I was given your contact information by (first and last name) when him and his wife were vacationing in Alaska over the summer. (First name) had inquired about what I did and after informing him I was an architecture student in New York, he gave me your contact information so that I could inquire about a possible internship with you.

I feel like it's either too much background information and I do not know how to end it.

Any help would be grateful.

Thank you.

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  • Too much irrelevant information and not enough important information. Try something like:

    Dear Name

    I am currently a student of architecture at the University of Whatever. (Write a short sentence or two about your qualifications, grades, other qualifying information). I was refered to your company by First name, Last name. I am very interested in the possibility of interning at your company. I have enclosed my resume and relevant transcripts for your review. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss ways that I could help Company Name achieve its goals.

    I can be reached (by phone) (by e-mail). I look forward to meeting you.


    Your name

  • Dear Firm

    My name is .......... While working in Alaska this past summer, I met (first and last name) while he and his wife were in Alaska on vacation. During our conversation, Mr. (last name) asked what I do the rest of the year and I informed him I am an architecture student in New York. He then gave me your contact information and suggested I contact you to inquire about a possible internship with your firm.

    That is how I would write it. In the next paragraph, I would tell the contact person more specific information about your schooling, employment history, and whatever else seems relevant. Keep it short and simple, though. End it by asking for an interview so that the company can meet you and begin to consider you for an internship.

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    You need their names, contact information, and their permission. You can either call them and ask for permission to use them as references, or email them - calling would probably be better, but email is OK too. You just need their permission, not a letter they wrote on your behalf.

  • I Got Your Email

  • Usually employers just want the contact info, unless they specifically ask for reference letters. Just ask by email for phone if they will be a reference and supply the employer with the references. If you are uncertain as to whether they want reference letters than just a list, call them and make sure. I would be surprised if they wanted reference letters for a paralegal job, but it depends on the employer.

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