How do massive stars change the atmosphere?

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  • Not sure what you're referring to... our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen/oxygen - both gases were created by very massive stars, many times greater than our sun - our sun isn't massive enough to create the gases needed for our atmosphere...

  • The heavier elements come from very hot environments. Our sun has mostly just hydrogen and helium....the 2 lightest elements. Bigger stars or over 1.5 times the size of ours have the critical mass to supernova when they meet their end of life. Those stars create a lot of the heavier elements. They produce much of the carbon and oxygen which is hugely important for humans and water respectively. This is due to the incredibly high temperatures of a supernova and the way it tosses matter outwards violently. Much of the heavier elements also come from the very hot moments shortly after the big bang. But the question asked about massive stars. Hope that helps

  • A massive star would not change an atmosphere but it will vaporize it or its solar wind will blow the atmosphere in to space.

    Source(s): Just serious thinking.
  • If you mean our atmosphere, the only star with any measurable effect on ours is the sun.

  • The Atmosphere of Earth? They don't.

    Our Sun is the ONLY star that has an effect on Earth's Atmosphere.

    It heats it.

  • Usually they pollute it with papparazzi..

    Seriously, the atmosphere of what?

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