How do u spell BLOOD with your hands?

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  • on your right hand: curl in your index finger to your straight thumb to make a lower-case b. make your middle finger straight for a lower-case l. Curl in your ring finger to meet with your middle finger for the o. (it should just look like two lower-case bs at this point.)

    on your left hand: repeat what you did with your index finger and thumb on your right hand. (it will look like a lower-case d instead of a b because it's on your opposite hand.) Next, curl your middle finger in towards your index finger to make the other o.

    push both hands together at the "o"s and it should look like the word blood.

    I'll see if I can upload a pic somewhere.

    never mind- here's one I found:

  • Spell Blood With Fingers

  • Bloods Sign With Hands

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How do u spell BLOOD with your hands?

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