How do you ask “do you understand japanese” using wakaru instead of wakarimasu?

I know

Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?

but how would you say it using wakaru? Can you say it that way at all?

Is there at least a way to say it in an impolite form?

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  • It’s “nihongo ga wakaru?” or “nihongo ga wakaru no?”

    These are plain, not so polite expression.

  • The proper way is ” Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?” The ka at the end makes the statement a question. Wakaru is plain speech and wakarimasu is polite speech. Stick with the polite speech.

  • Absolutely. You can say, “Do you understand Japanese?” using wakaru.

    One would simply say: “Nihongo wakaru?” (the voice inflexion goes up like a curved upward arrow.) If you don’t do the voice inflexion, it’ll sound like a statement to a native.

    However, this is extremely casual speech. This is not formal speech or “tei-nei go.” It would be much better to use the ‘tei-nei go’: “Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?”

    I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Wakaru is the plain form of “wakarimasu”, so I would say

    “Nihongo ga wakaru ka?” (日本語が分かるか)

    But to be honest, that’s impolite. “Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka” is the way to go with someone you don’t know.

  • Nihongo ga wakaru?

  • What Is Nihongo

  • as far as i know, wakaru is the unconjugated verb. so you cant realy use that in a sentance.

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