How do you call your teacher: “Teacher!”, or “Mr. Smith”?

To the best of my understanding, in the U.S., you must call your teacher “Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or Miss Smith” instead of “Teacher” to be polite. Is that right?

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  • i dont know but in my class I used just call them Teacher.

    From Ireland


  • Generally, their last name plus a form of polite address: Mr. Mrs. (if she’s married) or Miss (if she’s not.) If the teacher has their doctorate, then you call them Dr.

  • It is appropriate to address the teacher as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or even Ms. . Or by their earned title…I work with a couple of teachers who have their doctorate and we call them Doctor.

  • I call teacher “teach” “Mr. Teach” Mr than the first letter of the last name. Profe for my spanish teacher. Just last name. and the Mr and last name.

  • In the US, it’s customary to say “Mr.” or “Mrs.” (or Ms, or Miss, depending on the woman). I do know that in different cultures, it’s common for students to address their teachers simply by saying “teacher.” Many of my Hispanic students do that, I guess it’s normal in their culture to just say “Maestro” or “Maestra,” so the younger ones specifically often refer to us as “teacher.”

  • To merely address your teacher as “teacher” rather than Mr., Mrs, or Miss is quite impersonnel…considered somewhat rude!

  • Well it depends on the teacher, but the majority like to be called by their last name

  • Here in the UK it’s either Mr/Mrs or Sir/Miss.

  • Yea I call most of them by their last name. There are a certain few that let me call them by their first name. I have NEVER called any of them teacher though.

  • depends on my relationship with them or what they like to be called etc. mainly mr/mrs/ms though

  • To me, teacher is rude, it sounds like you don’t want to take the time to learn their proper name or address them correctly.

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