How do you choose a YWAM base location?

I'm writing because I'm struggling to sift through the incredible amount of YWAM information online while trying to find the best base location to participate in the DTS program. I'm hesitant to email the bases directly in the case they will be bias towards their program. Can you recommend some bases around the world about which you have heard positive things? I'm looking into Central and South America specifically. It is quite frightening to read about some ex-Ywammers experiences and I'd like to get as much inside information as possible to avoid going to a program that is ultra-authorarian and in some cases unbiblical.

Do you have some other advice about how to go about investigating which bases have a solid Godly program?

Thanks so much for your time!

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  • Go to the one that is located near you. I knew someone years ago who went to Tyler Texas, and that worked for them. if I had my choice I would pick Hawaii; but that might not be the leading of the Spirit.

    If you are going to go to YWAM, it better be God who is leading; so get your answer from God.

  • YWAM is really broad so you can have very different experiences depending on the location. Good questions to ask when narrowing down the field are ...

    location size (big location means more resources small means more Integration with location ministry focus), ministry focus, outreach location, international flavor (some locations have more cultures present than others) and the big one relationship.

    Talk to people that have done DTS at that location. Inquire and see what information you get back. The most notable bases would be Kona Hawaii, Perth Australia, Herrult Germany, Harpenden England, Tyler USA, Lausanne Switzerland and Jeju South Korea.

    Where do YWAmers send there family to do DTS?

  • Ywam Bases In Usa

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    I would not suggest PAX to anyone. It is in an undesireable area (at least the areas I traveled through). It is in Maryland. The place in NY is Rome Labs. If you like the outdoors and cold weather that would be a nice place to go. Like they said above Lackland would be ideal because of healthcare. I have heard mostly bad things about Brooks since it has been downsized. Eglin or Hurlburt would be nice. I personally would not choose them, but everyone has their likes and dislikes. I guess I like mountains and trees more than sand and ocean. 🙂 Just curious, but where are the other bases?

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