How do you delete an xvideos account?

My friends signed me up as a joke and I have no idea how to delete my account? Help!

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  • Once you log in, click on anything that says "My Account" Typically there's a thing somewhere that says "Delete" or "Remove" my account. Click on that, and confirm that you want to delete the account.

    If you can['t find it under "My Account" click on "support" or "contact us". Sometimes the site owners hide the Delete/Remove account link there. If you still can't find it, send the website a letter under "Contact Us" or "Support" and explain your situation. They will probably either show you how to delete the account, or delete it themselves.

  • Xvideos Password

  • Go to "My Account". then look on the right side of the page. there are categories listed. check in "My profile" and click on "close account" and follow the stepts.

  • Www.xvideos.col

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