How do you get the running mascara look?

I want to have running mascara as part of my makeup on Halloween, but I don't know how to do it without crying or getting my hair wet. That and I don't own mascara that's not waterproof. They sell crappy mascara at the Dollar Tree, right?

5 Answers

  • dab a bit of mascara on the bottom of your eyes and while its wet get a wet tissue and rub it gently down the face.

    if that doesn't work than try using a black pencil eye liner and smudging it down your face. but dont smudge to much.

    if you find it hard to understand here are some youtube tutorials. ( if you want a more realistic look don't make it as dark at the bottom on the running eye part, it looks a bit to much)

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  • use the crappy mascara and then rub your eyes 4 the running an then normal for you eyes x

  • I guess the best thing would be to get an Eye-dropper. Just fill it with water, close your eyes and drop little beads of water on your eyes, letting it run down your face, kind of imitating the tears.

  • you can also try dilluting liquid eyeliner with water and streak it down your face

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