How do you make a laughing crying face on facebook icons?

It wasn’t a meep it was a emoticon.…

It is on here by the crying face.…

It is on here by the crying face.

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  • Crying Laughing Emoji

  • Laughing Emoticon

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  • It’s actually an emoji and there’s no text-based shortcut for it. The best way to put the crying-laughing smiley in a post is to post it from your phone. On Android the emojis look totally different to the ones on PC (and kinda crap IMO), but just stick it in there anyway and it’ll show up just fine on PC.

    All emoji show up differently depending on the device on which you’re viewing them. So if you open up that post from the friend of whom you’re jealous because they-can-use-the-crying-laughing-smiley-and-you-can’t-work-out-how on your Android phone, it’ll have the Android crying-laughing smiley.

    On iOS, Apple is too restrictive to let the keyboard be any different, so it’s always in the same place (you have to enable it first: Android changes too much between versions and manufacturers to give a detailed explanation of where to find emoji, but if you can’t see a smiley button, try long-pressing the Enter key.

  • That kind of face is only available as a sticker/large emoticon it is known on Facebook as a meep.

    To get it, you have to have a message sent to you by inbox or have a chat window open, and you press the little smiley face icon next to where you are writing your message and there are a long list of them on there.

    I think they are only available on IPhone and on a laptop/computer.

    Hope this helps.

  • This method works on some laptops and computers that doesn’t have the crying laughing face as an emoticon.

    1. on chat the chat box, there is a smiley face icon on the bottom right corner. click it to show icons.

    2. click on the emoticon tab

    3.right-click any emoticon and click “inspect element” will see a line that says “class= (something face)”.

    5.double click that to edit and paste this in it “1az _1a- _2ft” without the quotations and press enter.

    now you can close the elements on that page by clicking the x on the top right of the elements box.

    Done! You have the crying laughing face as one of your emoticons 🙂

    Works only on some laptops and computers 🙂 Have fun !

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How do you make a laughing crying face on facebook icons?

  • Just copy this




  • 😂

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