How do you make your head smaller?

I was born with a huge head, and i want to make it smaller, and i heard that wrapping your head with duct tape every day for 4 hours a day will make your head smaller but it didn't work. Any tips? Thanks.

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  • Drinking milk can actually affect your head size. Yes, milk does make you taller but when you drink over 2-3 cups, it may start to force your height growth by extending your head. Not your cheeks, your head.

    If you want to make your head smaller, it is impossible. A solution is not allowing it to become even bigger.

    So first, some people say to get bigger so your head looks in proportion, don't do that. Instead make yourself skinnier and remove the cheeks. Having less cheeks has a big effect on your face and helps it look a lot smaller. Perhaps, you may become handsome cause guys with a little bigger head and till the chin is thin, look awesome!!

  • It's anatomically impossible. You cannot make your head smaller. There is no extra weight there that you can lose. You would have to compress your skull, which by the way would kill you. Besides, your head is not big, It's just disproportionate to your body. So try to grow out your hair or start eating more. Get bigger and your body will compensate for your head.

  • u can try on with a plastic surgery

  • haha you wrapped ur head in ductape!!!

  • well, i got huge head to,, but it s ok though 🙂

  • uhm yea...

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