How do you pack a punch on Black Ops 2 Zombies farm map?

My friend and I are wondering how to pack a punch on Black Ops 2 Zombies farm map. We're playing and pretty farm in the game and were wondering. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

6 Answers

  • Sorry, but it is only available in TranZit, Nuketown, and Town

  • Cod 2 Zombies

  • You can't pack-a-punch on farm, but the ? On mystery box change color and when there dull open it and jump back, the box should open slower and you should get a ray gun. Also if you don't want to play with glitches hope for a HAMR because it's OP until round 30

  • sadly, you can only packapunch on tranzit and on town

  • Die rise also has Pack A Punch

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