how do you say come here in german and if any body knows in websites to lear how to speak german please tell?

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  • You can learn to speak German in about 8 weeks, depending on how much time you put into it check out

  • Come In German

  • “Comin sie hier, bitte” (coomin zee here, bitta -is how it is pronounced) means “Come you here, please”.

    I wasn’t a good student in German (high school classes) but I did pick some phrases up from my Mother, who took German in college. You have to hear someone speak it, you can’t really learn it from reading the written word. There must be someone in your neighborhood who speaks German, just ask around.

    Good luck!

  • Kommen Sie hier.

  • It’s “Kommen Sie hier.”

    Books are better. Katzensprung is good for beginners.

  • Hi there!

    If your looking for a comprehensive, but easy to use system then I recommend the company reviewed on the following blog:

    It seems a bit pricy but worth it i reckon…. Its 100% guranteed and everything….

  • Komme Sie hier (come-zee here) to one person

    Kommen Sie hier (com-mun zee here) to several persons

  • If you have iTunes there are great audiobooks that help you quickly learn German.

  • comun z bidda can’t spell german meaning come here plse

  • …”achtung, com’unz here, shnell (the German spelling is not correct but you get the wording)… das iz goot, yah…

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