How do you say “DUDE” in Spanish?

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  • Tipo.

    I hope it helped you 🙂

  • Dude In Spanish

  • Dude is slang, so the Spanish equivalents are slang words (but there are many different slang words in each Spanish speaking country).

    Mexico and Central America: Vato, güey, carnal,

    Venezuela and some other Caribbean countries: pana

    Ecuador: ñaño

    Perú: Pata, causa

    And others.

    But, you know, almost in all Latin America, young people say “brother”, as a slang word.

    And yes, the most correct translation is TIPO. But there is a difference. When you talk to a friend, you never say: Hola, TIPO (Hey, dude). You say, Hola, carnal; hola, pana; Hola causa.

    Tipo is used just in a very impersonal phrase, like “That dude over there” (Ese tipo de allá”)

  • Is a slang word that depends on the country it has it’s indicative, but in general you can say “tipo” like “ese tipo” that dude” or that guy.

    Hope this helps!

  • well dude id just slang for friend and stuff like that so another word for friend wich is slang in spanish is “VATO” (vah-toe)

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    How do you say “DUDE” in Spanish?

  • “Dude” is a slang term which has no direct translation. Say “senor.”


    Well, They tend to have strong jawlines and their hair is nice.

  • “Whey”…to promounce it just say -WAY-…..very simple its a slang word 🙂

    Or also vato

  • I VATO!!!!!!

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