how do you say “hell yeah” in Japanese?

Simple question. Hoe do you say it?

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  • I'm Japanese, but I can't think of any. I guess we don't have the Japanese equivalent for "hell yeah."

    "mochiron!" means "of course!" "absolutely!" "by all means!" and is a decent word.

    If you want to emphasize "mochiron," you can say it the way you say "hell yeah."

  • **** Yeah In Japanese

  • The closest ... I can think of is

    i ku yo! (in hell yeah tone! lol) = I'll go for it

    but we also can say .... mo chi ron ... or .... a ta ri ma e

    means "absolutely" or "certainly"

    As for an exclamation in speech, we can express ourselves :

    ya-ri = Yeah

    yat ta = Yeah! I got it .. or ... Yeah! I've made it

  • hell yeah in Japanese

  • Try "itadakimasu". It means "for what we are about to recieve" add a "ga" at the end and it can mean loosing mean "give it to me" in a good way.

    "Hi so desu ga" means "YES that's it".

    Those are what I can think off hand...

  • There is no Japanese word for "Hell" because the Japanese are Buddist.

  • you like alice 9? hehe they are cool, i never heard their music though. I have no idea how to say hell yeah in japanese.

  • Hai Ya!

  • Kowawonda!

  • Yosh, no bonzai.

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