how do you say hey butthead in spanish?

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  • There isn't a certain translation for butthead in Spanish, but you can say "cabeza hueca", "mamao" ,"bruto", "sangano". "idiota", "pendejo" "mamalón", "cabeza de chorlito."


    There's always a butthead who loves to thumb down people without a reason, even when the answers are fine.

  • lol some of these people are funny!

    This doesn't really make sense when you translate it to Spanish, because it's slang. Every language has its own slang, and in most cases it won't makes sense when you translate to a different language.

    Here are some words we would commonly replace this for:

    Ey imbecil

    Ey inútil

    Ey baboso

    OYE translates to hey, but in this case it would sound like listen since it also means that, so EY would be used for hey in this case.

  • Oye gilipollas!

  • Best I think of is:

    Eh! Pendejo!

    Eh! Bobo!

  • there are a lot of translations it could be "tarado" "imbécil" "baboso"

  • cara culo

  • idiota

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