How do you say “i love you mom” in french?

is it J'amie tu mere?

haha oh dang, well im only in french 1 😛

why is it maman?

7 Answers

  • Je t'aime, maman

  • Je t'aime, maman/mama/mummy

    I usually hear "maman" though.


    mère is the actual french word for "mom". But most people use maman because well...mère sounds a bit formal. ^_^. It's just like saying "mother". haha..

  • ASKER you have been given correct answers.. Don't let the thumbs down make you think they are incorrect..

    People who do not know French give a rating to get points, so they mark thumbs down thinking they are wise cracks!

    Je t'aime, maman ..... IS CORRECT!

    J'aime ma mère = I love my mother

    J'aime ma maman = I love my moma

  • Je t'aime, maman. It wouldn't be what you wrote. It just doesn't make grammatical sense. "Maman" means "mama" or "mom" in French and is more informal. "Mère" is more like "mother".

  • actully J'aime means i like<> and maman is the correct way its just not as formal as ma mere. I'm not sure how to say love in french, look it up. (:

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Je t'aime : I love you Je t'aime tellement : I love you so much je t'aime du fond de mon coeur : I love you from the bottom of my heart

  • Maman is the French translation of Mama. You don't pronounce the 'n.'

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