how do you say “you’re cute” in Tagalog? TO A BOY. I am girl saying it to a boy?

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  • In Tagalog, there is no exact translation of the word cute. Just say it in English because you’ll just sound silly.

    Other phrases:

    “Ang gwapo mo”: You’re so handsome (Usually used for teenagers and adults)

    “Ang pogi mo”: You’re handsome (Remember that “pogi” is sometimes also used as ugly, depending on the tone of the speaker, and if translated literally, it is more like a “handsome mutt”)

    “Nakakagigil ka”: You’re so cute (Although this is usually used only for toddlers and kids, and not for teens and adults).

    Tagalog/Filipino has hidden meanings depending on the tone and the context of your speech. Sometmes, “gwapo” is used to describe kids (but not teens/adults) who are ugly, and “pogi” is used to describe teens/adults (but not kids) who are ugly. So the bottomline is, use “gwapo” when speaking to a teen or adult, and pogi when speaking to a child.

    Don’t listen to the answeres above with the word “pangit”, because the word “pangit” means ugly. “Pangit ka” means you are ugly. Regarding the answerer above, “Baho ka” means ‘you stink’, and “Baho ka maligo ka” means ‘go take a bath, stinker!’. so don’t use those phrases too.

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    how do you say "you're cute" in Tagalog? TO A BOY. I am girl saying it to a boy?

  • Pogi Boy


    I just had my u/s on Friday and they told me boy. I saw his little “parts” on the screen for myself, so I have no doubts. I think it’s more likely to miss the “parts” and think it’s a girl, and then you actually give birth to a boy. If the “parts” are there, they’re there. Know what I mean?

  • cute tagalog boy girl boy

  • …for youngsters, it’s okay to say “ang cute mo naman!” sabay pingot sa ilong (pinch his nose). careful!

    for older boys, better to say “ang pogi mo naman” sabay batok (hit his head). careful!

    both actions could lead to something else. LOL

  • Ang cute mo (Your cute!)

    Ang pogi mo (Your Handsome)

    Ang gwapo mo (Your Handsome)-better to use this if the guy is extremely goodlooking.

  • Ang cute mo! (You’re so cute!)

    Ang pogi mo! (You are so handsome)

  • you can say -ang cute mo talaga (youre so cute)

    or and gwapo mo or and pogi mo (youre so handsome)

    but mostly pilipinos want them to call gwapo or pogi than cute. because some say cute is only for dogs… hehehe…

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