How Do You Sell Additional House on Sims 3?

New Update 6/18/13 want to know how to sell the additional house !

4 Answers

  • i figured it out.... took me a minute though.....

    so when you go into your smart phone... go to Real Estate and Travel Services.

    Then go to check real estate.

    when that window pops up, if you own a bunch of businesses and such, all that will pop up a long with the residential property you own. if you have a lot there is a tab on the far right side of all the tabs that say residential. click on the property. will say the property name.. and then sell it.

    in a lame spot i know but oh well at least you know now huh?

  • Houses For The Sims 3

  • I wish you could but its not possible to own more than one home in the sims 3. Once you buy the house you are given the option of moving your old stuff there, but in the process you lose your old home and whatever you don't want to take with it including sims.

  • If you are talking about sims 3 on smartphones i don't think you can but dont know about pc, Xbox , or ps3

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