how does a jetblue buddy pass work?

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  • If you have received a buddy pass from a JetBlue employee, you need to ask that employee how it works. They are only supposed to give buddy passes to friends and family, so I’m sure you can ask them how they work.

    In general, though, buddy passes are used for standby-only seats that are offered if all paying passengers, non-revenue employees and family members have boarded and have seats. Buddy passes are the last to be boarded. There is a fee to use them based on the current price of a regular ticket (minus a certain percentage as determined by each individual airline).

  • Jetblue Buddy Pass

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    how does a jetblue buddy pass work?

  • I agree with the last poster, you need to talk to the employee that gave you the buddy pass. While buddy passes are great, they can also be a hassle, because it is all standby. I always tell my friends to look up the price of an actual ticket before giving them a buddy pass….because sometimes, they can get a ticket for $10-$30 more than a buddy pass will cost them….and that way they have a confirmed seat….and don’t have to deal with the stress of flying standby. Good luck!

  • Really interesting question, looking forward to going through the answers

  • does a buddypass you could travel like a return trip

  • Thank you all for your answers and opinions!

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