how does education gives power?

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  • How does education give power?

    If you are intelligent, more people will be willing to follow you and take your word because you would be utilizing ethos.

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  • Education Gives Power

  • It's not a matter of "giving" the power to the states, they already have all the power per the 10th amendment. The Department of Education has no authority except to the extent the Federal Government can take our money and then attach strings to it before dangling a small portion of it in front of us if we do as they ask. Yes, we should abolish the Department of Education

  • There is a very famous statement made by Benjamin Franklin: " It is better to empty my purse into my head for no one can take it away from me. An investment in knowledge always pay the best interest."

    It is through education that you become equipped with knowledge, and knowledge is power!

    One of the famous Filipino engineers who worked with NASA and a graduate of the Mapua Institute of Technology in the Philippines once shared his experience. In his speech, he said, "When I was in Saudi Arabia, I had only a dollar in my pocket. There, I was able to prove that knowledge is power !"

    He became well known. He became bankable. Companies sought for him. It is because of his education and knowledge.

    Engr. Ed San Juan designed the first "moon car" that was used in the moon during the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969.

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    The department of education has a small role in k-12 education with the states traditionally carrying out this role through a host of school districts with locally elected boards and local tax rates.

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