How does work ?

I keep seeing TV commercials left & right about this...and how it could find out the names of people who have been searching for you on the Internet.

Instead of asking the same type of immature questions i've been seeing a million times already about this company on the net. (Q.Is a scam ....A. Yes its a scam)

I'd rather dig a little deeper and find out if anybody could tell me how they work. I'm sure they can't be a complete scam if their on almost every TV commercials with their Ads. Yeah, the scammy part could be because they actually make you pay with your credit card before you could find out anybody who's been searching for you.

But how accurate are the results ? For example, if i'm logged in to Facebook...and happen to do a Google search of a particular person. Will they be able to back track that to me ? Does Facebook even allow this type of info to be sent to MyLife ? I'm sure the results have to be at-least somewhat accurate , as there are some technical means of making this possible. I'm just wondering if its legally possible. (I see some legal suits against them already)

Basically, I'd just like to know how accurate their results are and which methods do they use to get this information.

Thx Much

3 Answers

  • After seeing a commercial for it I went on and searched myself. There was basic info I didn't pay for anything so that's all I could see). But imagine what a paid subscription shows you? I saw a photo of myself that was about four years old. I realized that I hadn't used that photo anywhere besides Myspace when I had an account there. So, my suspicion is, this is somehow linked to social networking sites like Myspace. Scary right? It said that 90 people had searched for me. Silly, my name is common so I'm sure they weren't searching for ME! Just be careful with sites like that. They like to peak your interest by putting the romantic idea in your head that an old love could be searching for you. NONSENSE!

  • a huge scam site.check the video on youtube.a guy reviewed and pretty much showed it to be garbage.its a ꜱᴜcκer site.

  • The site is completely useless. It exists only to get people to pay them money. You get nothing in return.

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