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Here is the deal. I have heard a LOT of broadcasters advertising this site; everyone from Limbaugh to local radio personalities. I am becoming interested in this, as I have done online research and have seen nothing but amazing reviews. I also noted, this the ONLY work at home business to receive an A+ from the BBB.

My question is, WHAT DO YOU DO TO MAKE THE MONEY??? I do not want to know what the company is based on; I do not want to know what the company is based on. I already know this is not a get quick rich job. I already know this is not a "make money by Google and/or Ebay". What I want to know is what exactly is done to make the money. I am unemployed, and have been having difficulty locating a job, so coughing up $10 bucks for the packet is not easy without more information. so here are a list of the basic questions I have:

1. Is this company legit?

2. What do you have to do to make the money (no smart-aleck answers like: you have to work. I know this...)

3. What comes in the packet you pay the $9.95 for?

4. What are the exact steps to earning the money (besides work=pay, I know this, too...)

5. How many of you that have used it have had success in this business?

6. Do I have to have anything other than the packet and computer with internet access to make this successful?

Thanks! 😀

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  • Actually they do have have a rating with the BBB. You will find that incomeathome is also known as Online Business Systems (see link below). If you read all of the main landing page, it states at the bottom "Business Opportunity presented is an online method of operating an Herbalife International ® independent distributorship." Keep in mind that this is a business opportunity and not a job, and as such will require a financial commitment just like any other business. Both companies have been around for quite a while - incomeathome for 9 years and Herbalife for over 30 years - so I would consider them very legitimate. Basically, you will be marketing the products and business opportunity through various venues that you choose. The package has a booklet, DVD and CD audio in it, and also involves a phone consultation with your "personal business coach" to explain in more detail as well as answer any questions you may have. Simply the step are: become an independent distributor, market the products/bus op, make sales or sponsor. I personally have been doing the business for 8 years and have been able to replace not only my contractors income, but my wife left her old business and we are both working from home. I know a lot of people that have made a very successful business from this, however I also know a lot that have not. The main difference is their personal attitude and determination to make the most out of their business. Besides what you mentioned, a positive attitude, the drive to succeed, and as I mentioned before as this is a business, some financial backing. I personally feel that anyone can do this business, but not everyone is suited for this style of business, that can only be determined by the individual. Which ever way you go, I wish you luck with finding what you are looking for.

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  • I worked for a company rated A+ by the BBB, it called aspen contracting, I worked there for a month, the company never paid me, I also know that in the past BBB was good but now its not cause u can buy your way into it and pay them to rate your company A+, just goes to show what people will do for money, pathetic if u ask me, beware u may send income at home money and they may not send u anything, to be honest I have never tried it and wont

  • I just did a quick check with the BBB and found they have no affiliation with Better Business Bureau and have no rating at all. If you can't find out what type of work you would be doing without sending them $9.95, you can be pretty sure that the only one getting income at home is the guy cashing the checks. If they are an upfront company, they will tell you what you need to know with out sending them your money. Watch your step here.

  • A paid study is a type of survey that permits you to share your ideas and viewpoints about brand names and their products in exchange for a reward, such as a benefit or money.

  • I called and received my "kit" to review. I chose not to do the "business" and immediately sent the kit back as instructed. I did NOT get my money back. I reached out to my contact and she just told me I would get the money back. that was 3 months ago.

    I do NOT recommend even looking into this scam.

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