How is working at Forever 21?

**Please answer ONLY if you currently work or have recently worked for Forever 21**

How is working at Forever 21? Positives-negatives, how much did you get paid, whats the scheduling like, anything and everything. I'm thinking about getting a second job there so please let me know what your experiences have been!

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  • well i used to work there and i have to say it's not worth it.... to start off you'll be on the floor meaning everyone who starts has to put the clothes on the racks and clean up and organize the store, you can only be a cashier if you've worked you way up in the store and that depends on who has been there b/4 you and how long you work there... the pay is crappy too, everyone starts a $6.50 an hr and you wont get a pay raise until you get promoted to cashier... so if you need the job to pay your bills, dont even bother... they also only do group interviews so you really have to stand out in the interview process to be called back for your second one on one interview! it's a lot of crap for no money... (i did it b/c my husband got laid off and we have 3 kids to feed)

    oh and the group interview only happens when there are at least 10 ppl to attend, meaning they dont do interviews until 10 have applied, thats what the store manager at the f21 told me, she says its company policy

  • UPDATE: Forever 21 hires based off experience, now that it is 2016, the minimum hourly wage is 8.38, I am currently getting paid 9.50/hour, some get paid even 10/hour, either as a sales associate, stock associate or cashier, scheduling takes some time getting used to, only because you it takes about two weeks to readjust, one week they make you work 6 days and the next only 3 days, because supposedly the corporation doesnt have enough of the payroll, and not to mention pay is biweekly, yes you heard me, every other friday is payday, you are not trained to clean a "room" aka section, i never got trained to learn the plus size section, but you pick it up in a couple of days, cashiering is the easiest thing to do, being a stock associate is more chill, being a sales associate is brutal and being in the fitting room as a sorter or attendee is a nightmare, i tend to keep to myself because everybody complains about someday and it just gets annoying and boring quickly, but everybody works at a differently in their own way, i tend to take things slow, i walk around my section about three times, i fix the tables i have set up in my section, i fix the floor to ceiling fixtures (FTC) and any racks inbetween, then i work on go backs, i seperate tops from bottoms, i sort by color, then by style and i put it back on the floor, but out of the 60 or so other employees, a few of them will disagree with my technique. Retail is not for everybody, but if you think you can handle staying past closing and what your schedule demands, because even its says youre suppose to clock out at 11:30pm on a saturday night, chances are you wont clock out until 1 in the morning.

  • its 4 years late but for anyone who wants a current version, here goes:

    i started a few weeks ago. It's 2014 and now we start at $8.00/ hour.Yes i started on the floor. working on the floor requires you to make sure the hangers are straight on the fixtures, greet every customer, fold clothes on the tables, and pick clothes and stuff up off of the floor. occasionally you have to grab something off the wall for a customer that cant reach it. In my store we have to carry around a minimum of three of these big *** mesh shopping bags to offer to customers who have lots of items in their hands and at first i was like "why the **** do we have to carry these big *** bags. DAMN!" but my manager explained to me that it actually helps sales because the more you can put in the bag the more you may end up buying which is kinda clever but i know that ill never do it as a shopper cuz its a damn trap. In my last shift which was tuesday i trained on the cash wrap. you have to make a password once to operate it but lock the register everytime you leave it. Its actually very easy and i prefer it to the floor. at the beginning of the shift you have to make sure that your register has exactly $100.00 in it and at the end of the shift you and a manager has to count it down. the fitting room is a little bit harder. Its not the customers cuz all you have to do is count out their items, check everything for sensors, lead them to the room with a count tag and their items in hand and leave them to it. Its the go backs that are hard. every room has a theme and when people try on clothes they dont buy all of them all the time so you have to sort them into their approptriate rooms and its hard to tell sometimes. also you dont get to sit down and standing up all day can be a *****. i often find myself making faces in the mirror and dancing around.I really like working there but its not for everybody.

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