How long after mixed nuts and rasins are oƿє-ṅєd can you still eat them?

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  • Until they don't taste good, which will vary depending on the conditions they were stored. Air, light and heat are the enemies of most food products, so if you stored the leftovers in a covered can in the fridge, they'll last a long time.

    In terms of tasting them, they won't kill you if they are bad. The nuts will go bad first and will have a stale, slightly rancid flavor. Taste the nuts separately so that the raisin's sweetness won't mask there flavor.

  • According to my "5 cups of tea, 1 teabag" auntie, and toddlers, there is no end date for nuts and raisins. Generally, dried goods last far longer than fresh, even oƿє-ṅєd. A stale smell or taste should tell you whether these could still be eaten or not. Doubtless, sampling one wouldn't harm you. God only knows what all toddlers have dug up from under sofa cushions and lived to not tell about....

  • I keep at least one open bag of the Planter's trail mix (nuts, raisins, chocolate, etc) and a can of cashews at my desk. The trail mix usaully lasts 2 weeks after opening and the canned nuts last up to a month, maybe longer.

  • We keep them for months - usually in the fridge.

    Have the advantage over the youngsters in that we have kept our immune systems healthy by not having use by and sale by dates for most of our lives.

    As my cousin says - We were given acute senses to keep us safe. If it looks alright, it smells alright and it tastes alright. It's still alright! (She's 102!)

    As mentioned the nuts are the first to go - they look OK, but they start to smell and taste rancid. If this has happened, then throw them out for the birds - you can still eat the fruit and any nuts which are OK.

  • If someone's been sticking their fingers in the packet to get them out, just a couple of days as bacteria will grow in the packet.

    If no one has touched them (they've been poured into a bowl), and the rest have been stored in a cool place with the packet closed, then I would say a couple of weeks.

  • I eat some pecan first but save some for last too. I finish almonds first. There are no peanuts in mixed nuts I buy.

  • with or without being covered?

    either way you can eat them till they taste stale.

    they are treated with preservatives that make them last longer and taste fresher longer.

  • a week in open conditions up to 10 days if kept in cool conditions eg a fridge

    hope that helped



  • They won't taste right after a week 😉

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