how long does a skydive take?

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  • It depends how high you jump from:

    It takes approximately 10 seconds to fall the first 1000ft (to accelerate to terminal velocity) and then about 5 seconds for every 1000ft after that.

    If you are just beginning to learn to skydive then your parachute will be open by around 5000ft.

    So let's say you jump from 13000ft and open at 5000ft...

    10 seconds for the first 1000ft

    5 seconds x 7000ft until you open your parachute.

    This works out to be 45 seconds in freefall. You've then got about 3 minutes (or more!) under your parachute until you land.

    It's all good fun though! 🙂

  • How Long Is A Skydive

  • Ok. Most skydive centers (AKA Dropzones) are going to jump at 14000 feet. You fall about 6 seconds for every 1000 feet. So most likely you will deploy between 4000 and 5000 feet, which will give you between 54 and 60 seconds of freefall. The canopy ride is about 3 to 5 minutes long depending on how conservative of a canopy pilot you are. Kind of like riding in a car.... if you drive like a bat out of h*ll, you're going to get to your destination a lil bit quicker.

    I don't know who would want to really jump out of the aircraft at 3000 feet. That leaves you about 18 seconds til you hit the ground. Heck, I PULL MY CHUTE at 4000 feet, just to be on the safe side. Anything lower and I get a little bit nervous. And take into account too, if you pull your chute at 1800 feet, that's a mere 10 seconds from hitting the ground. Yeah... take it from somebody who's done it, and is a little more conservative/ safer in her practices....

  • Depends on how high you are. If you jump from 3000 feet and deploy your chute at 1800 feet, it'll take about a minute to touch down. It's a fast ride! However, if you stop for lunch, coming down can take much longer.

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