How long does a written warning for speeding stay in the system?

I got a written warning for going 61 in a 45 and I was wondering if I get pulled over again how long will the cop be able to see that I already have a warning. I live in Georgia if that helps.

3 Answers

  • Warnings usually do go into the system for that police force (eg - town, city, county, state) that wrote the warning. The length of how long it stays depends on the whims of the police force. I think most discard them after 2 years, but I'm not totally sure. The purpose of the warning is to scare you and also to have a record in case you don't get the message.

  • A little known fact but, in NC a warning ticket means nothing. It is not entered into DMV and no record of it is kept. It is usually a "sterner" way of telling someone to slow down without scratching one out. Don't know GA though sorry.

  • I think a warning is a warning, no record of it, unless the same cop pulls you over and recognizes you. though i could be wrong

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