How long does it take for all 4 wisdom teeth to be cut out and do you wake up after or later?

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  • I’m in dental hygiene school and will be getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted this summer. From the best of knowledge my oral surgeon told me to expect to be under general anesthesia (from start to finish) for about an hour. The actually surgical removal (depending on how complicated) should take approx. 30 minutes. You will be groggy and out-of-sorts, so plan on having someone drive you to and from your appointment, help fill your prescriptions after wards, etc. I was told to expect the day of the surgery and the day after the surgery as complete “lay on the couch with ice pack” days! But, like everything else, it’s dependent on the person..everyone is different.

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    How long does it take for all 4 wisdom teeth to be cut out and do you wake up after or later?

  • Actually it depends on what dentist you go to. If the wisdom teeth are imbedded it will take at least an 1 – 1 1/2hour. It all depends on the dentist if you are going to be put to sleep, that takes at least 15 – 30 mins to absorb into your system. If all the wisdom teeth are showing and just a bothersome set of teeth it should take at least 45 minutes, it takes at least 15 – 30 minutes for anesthesia, only if the 4 wisdom teeth are to be removed in one sitting. Take someone with you because you are going to look like a chimpmunk for several days, you will be drinking out of a straw for a few days, take tylenol when you get home because the anestheia will wear off.


    It depends how quickly you heal and how complicated the extractions were. Generally it’s best to be really gentle with your sockets for at least the first week, or until they start to close up. This would include avoiding smoking if possible (get some patches for the duration to ease off the AARRRRGGHHH… a little) Have sufficient supplies of good pain relief on standby. If all goes well and the extraction is easy, healing shouldn’t be too painful, just paracetemol should be a sufficient palliative. If you find that your lips are all sore and wake up with a boot mark across your forehead, chances are it was a somewhat complicated extraction and you should ask for something a bit stronger by way of pain relief. Co-Dydramol, or Co-Proxamol if you can get it is the business. You’ve gotta be careful with it though, it can make you sleepy, so no heavy machinery etc…etc… Best of luck!

  • I had my wisdom teeth out this past summer and it took about an hour for them to do it.

    However, I don’t remember anything until about 2 and a half hours after I was done.

    I don’t even remember how I got home. I know my mom drove, but that’s about it.

  • Mine all have to be broken up and cut out, they were impacted. It only took about 30 minutes, my husband said. You wake up but you don’t remember much. I remember getting out of the chair, but I don’t remember how I got to the car or that my husband stopped at the pharmacy and took me home. It’s really not as bad as everyone thinks it is. I’m the worst when it comes to pain and I did fine. I just took the meds when it said to (if it said every 4 hours, I took it every 4 hours) to not give myself any chance to feel any pain.

  • Mine took about 30 minutes for all 4. My husband was surprised they called him so soon to pick me up–you’ll need a ride because of the meds they give you. I was woken up right after but I don’t remember a lot of it, just bits and pieces. I went home and slept a couple hours after.

  • It all depend on the dentist and how much work has to be done. It took my dentist 15 minutes to cut out 2 of mine and he woke me up soon after, but i don’t remember the ride It wasn’t as bad as peple made it sound.

  • Not sure how long it will take, but you won’t wake up until afterward. Have a driver! Those drugs they give you to knock you out are a doozy!

  • I have never had mine taken out because they grew in straight but, my best friend did and hers took about 45 minutes, and then they tried to wake her up but she was out of it. We had to carry her to the car and she slept all the way home, then we carried her to the house and she slept for another 2 or 3 hours! It was soooo funny!

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